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About Lingfield

LINGFIELD  specialises in creating high quality sustainable business, retail and leisure environments.  For four decades our commercial family property culture of commitment and ownership has consistently delivered projects for both the public and private sectors.

Our entrepreneurial and innovative approach has an integrity which united by paternalistic management fosters a loyal committed team with a genuine passion for their work.

This unique combination of professional expertise, private ownership and autonomous style provides Lingfield with the substance and speed of response to thrive in a diverse property fraternity.


“Experienced, personable team with complementary skills immersed into each project, from inception to completion and beyond”

Strong ethos of immersing ourselves into schemes undertaken with a pride in creating an enduring legacy to ultimately maximise value. Experienced Senior Management input with strong technical experience throughout the development process.

This, combined with market knowledge and a wide network of contacts have resulted in over four decades of track record of project deliverability throughout the private and public sector.


“Niche of privately owned property company with an alignment of vested interest”

Engagement is key and promotes strong scheme ownership, along with a personal approach in engaging with all stakeholders

We have our own portfolio and long term fund and hence fully understand the long term commercial perspective required for maximisation of investor’s/ institutional opportunities and ultimate value.


“Passionate about making a physical difference and creating an enduring legacy”

We are passionate about creating, about unlocking and maximising the value of land and properties. Developing bespoke project development solutions that are innovative, commercially focussed, sustainable and socially responsible.